Tendon injury




Extensor tendon rupture finger joint

If after bumping your finger into an object (e.g. while making the bed) you can no longer stretch out the distal phalanx of that finger, you most likely experienced a rupture to the extensor tendon above the distal interphalangeal joint. The following will provide you with a variety of details on the diagnose and therapy associated with this injury….Learn more


Extensor tendon injuries

A deep cut on the back of your hand or to the wrist can be a lot more than just a simple skin wound. If one or more extensor tendons have been severed, you may end up needing a lengthy therapy in order to recover. Here is why….


Extensor tendon thumb

If several months into a distal radius fracture you suddenly can no longer stretch out your thumb, there is a chance that the extensor tendon of the thumb ruptured right about at the height of the wrist. Find out more….


flexor tendon injury

Flexor tendon injuries

Injuries to the flexor tendons of the hand are not always easy to diagnose and many times require a fairly complex surgical and postsurgical therapy. This is why….



Cut injury_inflammation of a finger

Deep-laying infections in the hand

may affect the tendon sheaths of flexor tendons. An inflamed tendon sheath requires fast, expert care in order to avoid severe damages or in the worst case fatal consequences….read more


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