therapy: mucous cyst

In a case of a fingercyst is medical treatment always necessary?

No! Fingercysts (mucous cysts) are in many cases harmful. As long as the skin – overlying the cyst – is not very thin, it is sufficient to observe the fingercyst.

Sometimes a digital cyst resolve spontaneously

In which cases is a medical treatment necessary?

Sometime a fingercyst will rupture!

If a mucous cyst rupture, a path directly into the fingerjoint beneath the cyst is created! In such a case, bacteria from the skin could enter the joint and can cause serious infection inside the joint.

The image shows an infection of the joint near the nail, 6 days after rupture of a mucous cyst

This does not often happen. However if it occurs… this is a serious complication which requires rapid medical treatment.

Serve cases requires oral antibiotics and often surgery.

Therefore you should never perforate a mucous cyst with a needle from the household!

What should I do, if my fingercyst rupture during work?

In such case you will see a clear jelly-like content empties from your fingercyst. Don’t touch the ruptured cyst with an other finger and particularly not with your  tongue. Cover the fingercyst with a sterile plaster.

[the_ad id=“1281″]Keep in mind: a rupture mucous cyst can be complicated by a serious infection of the fingerjoint. A medical examination is a safe way. Particularly, if after some days  the joint hurts unusually and the skin reddens.

Which therapies are used  to treat a digital cyst?

Various therapies have been proposed to treat a digital cyst. Treatment can be either nosurgical or surgical.

The risks and benefits of the treatment of a mucous cyst should be considered carefully. If you feel no or little pain and if the skin is not considerably thinned, careful observation may be appropriate.

A treatment (surgical or non surgical) should be considered, if:
  • you feel significant pain,

  • you see a groove in the nail,

  • the skin over the digital cyst is considerably thinned ( the skin is ready to rupture)

  • the cyst ruptured once or serveral times by trivial injuries

The image above shows a digital cyst. Treatment is advocated for a very thin skin (red arrow) and large nail deformity (blue arrow).


In concluding this informational paper I would like to encourage you to address all questions you may have in connection with a finger cyst (finger ganglion) with your attending physician as this document does not constitute a replacement to a personal examination or consultancy through your doctor.

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