De Quervain´s syndrome: Surgery details

How is surgery on De Quervain´s syndrome carried out?

Surgical incision for surgery on De Quervain´s syndrome.

The image shows a surgical incision in connection with a procedure on De Quervain´s syndrome.

The procedure begins with an either w-shaped (see image) or transversal surgical incision.

The image shows the well visible yellow fatty tissue.  Veins as well as the superficially located radialis nerve run within the fatty layer of the skin (subcutaneous tissue).

Deep down underneath the fatty layer lays the first extensor compartment. In case of De Quervain´s syndrome this canal is significantly thickened. The image shows the first extensor compartment after the fatty layer was positioned aside.

The image shows a clamp positioned within the first extensor compartment.

The first extensor compartment is separated right above the clamp.

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